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  Tekmar 2-wire thermostats offer features everyone will love. Simple up and down buttons allow for easy temperature adjustment while also displaying the outside temperature. tN2 thermostats not only tell the zone pump when to come on or turn off, but send intelligent information to and from the zone control box. You’ll know how warm (or cool) the room really is and how much heat the boiler needs to produce.

Zone synchronization prevents the boiler from short cycling which is one of the keys to saving a lot of energy. This feature aligns all the zones so they can operate together thus reducing short cycling.

An Energy Savings Monitor is a neat feature which tells you how many hours your tekmar® control system was able to keep your boiler from not firing. Now you can really see how much you’ll save this year and every year thereafter.

DHW & Zone Purging are great features to purge the heat from your boiler after the need for domestic hot water has diminished or ended. Especially cost effective for high mass boilers because the indirect zone pump will be told to stay on for enough time to purge the heat out of your boiler. It’s crazy to heat up your boiler only
to lose the energy up the chimney.

Keep it Simple Technology (KIST) means no programming required for either the thermostat or the tekmar controller. Simply "plug and play."

Wiring Centers allow you to add up to twenty (20) additional zones to the house control panel.

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